Scottish Baby Box Baby Wrap

From the 15th of August 2017 all babies born in Scotland are eligible to recieve a baby box filled with all sorts of useful items, ideal for the first few months of baby’s time in the outside world. One of the items in the box is a stretchy wrap, which is a fantastic tool for both parent and baby.

Having a new baby is a very exciting time, but it can also be very overwhelming while you get to know your baby. Carrying your baby in a sling or carrier is beneficial to both you and your baby, and can really help you transition through the early postpartum days, as you discover what your new ‘normal’ will be.

A sling helps you meet your babies needs easily – they want to be close to you, smelling your scent, hearing your heartbeat, and feeling the soft sway of your movement – just as they would have done while in the womb. Keeping them close while being able to hold them hands free is beyond useful – allowing you to complete those simple taks (such as going to the loo or making a sandwich!) which seem insurmountable when faced with a baby who doesn’t want to be put down (and why should they – your warm chest is exactly where they belong!)

And all this snuggling has so many positive benefits for both of you – from helping with breastfeeding, staving off postnatal depression, regulating heart rate, breathing and temperature, to pure practical convenience – there are far too many to list here. If you want to read more about how babywearing can help your family, then click here and here.

The baby wrap in the box comes with written instructions, which can also be dowloaded here.

Baby Box Wrap Instructions

Below are a series of videos to help walk you through the steps of how to put on the wrap, how to get baby in the wrap and how to take baby back out of the wrap. As always, make sure you know how to keep baby safe in the wrap. Our Safety page, contains lots of useful information on the checks to do to make sure baby is safe. Getting some advice on your sling or carrier at a sling library or from a qualified sling consultant, can really make all the difference so that your babywearing journey can get off on the best foot, right from the very start